Place Information
Name of the Place Tiruchirappalli
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
Population 9.17 Lakhs
Official Language Tamil
Website https://tiruchirappalli.nic.in/

Tiruchirappalli formerly called Trichinopoly in English, and also called Trichy (City of heaven), is a major city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and the administrative headquarters of Tiruchirappalli District. Woraiyur, part of current era Trichy or Tiruchirappalli, has been the capital city of Cholas from 300 B.C. Woraiyur alongside the current era Tiruchirappalli and its neighbouring regions came under the management of Mahendra Varma Pallava I, who ascended the throne at A.D. 590. It had been at 880 AD, Aditya Chola attracted a nod into the Pallava dynasty.

From this point onwards Tiruchirappalli and its area became part of Greater Cholas. In 1225 A.D the region had been inhabited by the Hoysulas. Later, it came under the rule of afterward Pandyas until the Arrival of Mughal Rule.

Tiruchirappalli was under the Mughal rule for a some time, which had been set to an end by the Vijayanagar rulers.

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Things to do:

Have you been to the Tiruchirappalli? If so, you would understand exactly what a stone Tiruchirappalli is. These areas are brimming with lovely temples, calm beaches, spectacular temples & temples, and much more, which merely suggests there are numerous explanations that you pack your luggage and go for a trip!

However, before you begin planning a tour, scroll through this list of 10 finest tourist spots in Tiruchirappalli.

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Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

The Thiruvarangam, Srirangam or Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is the world's biggest functioning Hindu temple. It's found at Srirangam, an islet formed from the Twin Rivers Cauvery and Coleroon.

In the primary entrance of this temple stands the planet's tallest temple tower or gopuram. Non-Hindus are permitted up into the next courtyard but not within the golden topped inner sanctum.

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Rock Fort Temple

Trichy's Rock Fort Temple is a reinforced religious complex, comprising two temples, constructed in an 83 meter (272 feet) high historical stone, throughout the 6th & 7th centuries, respectively. Both Hindu temples within the Rock Fort would be the Uchchi Pillaiyar Koil as well as also the Thayumanaswami Temple. It's a very long climb up towards the very best, with roughly 344 stone-cut measures. Enjoy the cool breeze and magnificent views of the town, the islet of Srirangam and the rivers Kaveri and Kollidam.

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Jambukeswarar Temple

Tamil Nadu's five Shiva Exotic temples, Sri Jambukeshwara is devoted to Shiva, Parvati and also the medium of water. The liquid motif is realized from the central shrine (closed to non-Hindus), whose Shiva lingam reputedly problems a nonstop trickle of water. At the north portion of the complex is a shrine devoted to Akilandeswari, Jambukeshwara's consort.

Source: http://www.sankarayatra.com/travelogue/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/jambukeswarar-temple-thiruvanaikaval.jpg

Art Museum

On the right, just southwest of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple's fifth gopuram is the small but intriguing Art Museum. On-screen you'll find fantastic bronzes, tusks of bygone temple dinosaurs, weaponry and an assortment of superb 17th-century Nayak ivory figurines depicting gods, demons, kings and queens (some erotically engaged), as well as a Portuguese soldier.

Source: http://ttnotes.com/images/art-museum-trichy-tiruchirappalli.jpg

Railway Museum

Trichy's Railway Museum is a fascinating mess of disused train-related equipment (phones, clocks, controller boards), British-era railroad construction photographs, old train-line maps (such as a 1935 pre-Independence Indian parade map) -- as well as modern-day London Underground

Source: http://www.trichy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Railway-Museum.jpg

  1. Tiruchirapalli
  2. Rajagopuram
  3. Art Museum
  4. St Joseph's College Museum
  5. Vaikunta Ekadasi

Education & Training:

Tiruchirappalli colleges are famous for their quality instruction. You will find a high number of great schools and colleges in Tiruchirappalli who have highly skilled faculty members. They assist the students in establishing a potential career. Listing here some best colleges in the city:

Periyar College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy Engineering College, Pavendar Bharathidasan College of Engineering and Technology, MIET Engineering College, Kurinji College of Engineering and Technology,J J College of Engineering & Technology, Shri Angalamman College of Engineering & Technology, and Thanthai Roever Institute of Polytechnic College.

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Food and Drink

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A conventional simple city suffered from both civilizations. We know that Trichy is famous for its sacred temples, however, do you understand that Trichy also contains lots of top-rated restaurants. Well, some of the best restaurants are listed here.

DiMoRa, Kannappa Chettinad Restaurant, Shri Sangeetha Restaurant, Ezham Suvai, Arab Spice Family Restaurant, Chellammal Samayal, Sree Krishnas Restaurant, Meridian Restaurant, Apple Millet, and Trichy Arusuvai Restaurant


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It's among the most rapidly growing cities in South India. The medical industry of Tiruchirappalli has undergone tremendous growth and advancement in the last couple of decades. The list supplied below can enable you to select the suitable medical assistance you are looking for.

AJ Medical Centre & Hospital, Frontline Hospital, Trinity Multi-Specialty Hospital, Kauvery Medical Centre, Neelam Hospital, Neomed Hospital, Lakes Hospital, Aroggya hospital, Vasan Eye Care, and Sigars Hospital

Hotels & Accommodation

Let us have a peek at a few of the top hotels near Tiruchirappalli. As you're likely to experience the vibrant tradition of Tamilnadu first hand along with your people, be certain that you look at these hotels near Tiruchirappalli to get a calm stay!

Star Residency, Treebo Trend Rohini Service Apartments, Vivid A Boutique Hotel, Sri Maharaja Residency, Grand Arcadia, KVM Hotels, Shaans I Suites, Red Fox Hotel, Ramya's Hotels, and Maya Residency

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Shopping & Night Life

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Trichy, a nice blend of tradition and modernity, is situated on the banks of River Cauvery. Enjoy shopping in Trichy, as you research a variety of tourist destinations in Trichy. Shopping at Trichy is a wonderful experience. Throughout your stay in Trichy, you can go out shopping in the many local markets. Traditional handicrafts of Tamil Nadu such as woodcrafts can be found in lots in Trichy.

The vibrant shops and streets showing a variety of utility and artifacts things stay nicely lit up and packaged with hordes of individuals. The best markets for local shopping are listed below:

Gandhi Market, Chinna Kadai Street, Chinnar Bazaar, Flower Bazaar, Thillainagar, Poompuhar Handicrafts, Femina Shopping Mall, and S M Trading


Place Information
Name of the Place Tiruchirappalli
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
Population 9.17 Lakhs
Official Language Tamil
Website https://tiruchirappalli.nic.in/