Place Information
Name of the Place Rajkot
Country India
State Gujarat
Population 38 Lakhs
Official Language Gujarati
Website http://www.rmc.gov.in/rmcwebsite/default.aspx

Rajkot, a city in west-central Gujarat state, India. It lies close to the middle of the Kathiawar Peninsula, about 72km southeast of Jamnagar. The city has been the capital of the former princely state and the former Western India states agency.

It's now an important industrial and commercial center. Rajkot’s main crops include grains, sugarcane, and cotton.

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Things to do:

It is not your normal tourist destination but you will find a surprising variety of things to do in Rajkot which makes a trip more than worthwhile. Sprawling and bustling with life, Gujarat's fourth biggest town entices with fantastic food, vibrant temples, scenic locales and niches that appear to sell everything from A to Z.

Learn what things to do in Rajkot should you're planning to make it the next vacation destination or even when you're passing through.

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  1. Mayur Patola Art

Patola saris are famous for their complex designs and weaving techniques. You can even purchase them at stores such as Pooja Patola Saree, situated at the Region, and stores further along like Sindhoi Patola Art (Dr. Yagnik Road) and Gohil Patola Art (Peak Road).

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  1. Tarnetar Fair

You do not need to be watching out for love to enjoy the festivities at Tarnetar Fair held near Triniteshwar Mahadev. The three-day festival, which falls between August and September, sees countless intimate hopefuls eager to discover their other halves. Entertainment rides, traditional dances, songs and shops selling knick-knacks are simply a few of the best attractions in the fair.

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  1. Fun World

People looking for enjoyable activities in Gujarat will locate it in Fun World, a favorite amusement park with attractions for people of all ages. Rides, a terror home, a hall of mirrors, carousels and a food court are only a few of the items on offer.

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  1. Krishna Water Park

More experience awaits at Krishna Water Park much like Fun World, the amusement is for children and adults so the whole family could have a wonderful moment. The park also includes a union hall for couples having a significant sense of pleasure and experience. It will not get much better than that!

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  1. Aji Dam

Among the greatest things to do in Rajkot in case you enjoy being surrounded by slopes but are not too excited about a hike would be to pay a visit to Aji Dam. With manicured gardens, seating areas and a children's playground, this is just another perfect destination for the entire family. You can make your trip even more memorable by packing a picnic and enjoying it beneath the pretty environment.

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  1. Osam Hill
  2. Lal Pari Lake
  3. River Gondola
  4. Wankaner is converted into a heritage hotel

Education & Training:

Rajkot colleges claim to provide the best of their educational services. From medical and engineering to arts and architecture, the Rajkot colleges provide a range of special and general branches of educational centers. Listing here the best colleges in the city.

BK Mody Government Pharmacy College, Shree HN Shukla Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Shri Labhubhai Trivedi Institute of Engineering & Technology (SLTIET), Takshashila College of Engineering & Technology, Christ College, School of Physiotherapy, Bagwanlal K Modi Govt Pharmacy College, Baba Mast Nath Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research, R K School of Physiotherapy, and Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College.

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Food and Drink

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Rajkot cuisine has a special appeal. It's intriguing to determine the way the country, in which water is so valuable, tactfully uses locally available components to make a few lip-smacking dishes.

To get a food enthusiast, there's a lot to gorge on in Rajkot. You need to get a fantastic time plus a bottomless pit to savor those dishes into your heart's content. Following are the best restaurants in the city.

Pizza Hut - Rajkot, Rangoli Ice Cream, Senso 24hr Cofee Shop, Royaloak Furniture Big Sale, Pallav Foods, Bharmal Restaurant - Race Course, Om Restaurant, and Babji Grill Kitchen.


Rajkot hospitals offer the finest health facilities to the people of the city. The hospitals at Rajkot are one of the top hospitals of Gujarat that work towards averting the communicable diseases from the territory. Some of the significant associations of Rajkot are Sheath Hospital, Bharat Parekh, Patel Surgical Hospital, Shraddha Homeopathic Clinic, Unique Hospital, Archan Kidney Hospital, Sheath Hospital, Ankur Hospital, Shri Ranchhoddasji Bapu Charitable Trust, Patel Hospital, Bhatt Eye Hospital, Rakholia Hospital

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Hotels & Accommodation

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Founded in the 16th century from the Jadeja Rajputs, Rajkot is the former capital of the princely state of Saurashtra that is placed on the Aji River and sprawls with imperial architecture. While the city boasts of famous handicrafts, textile facilities, fine silverwork, Bandhani, Patola Sarees, along with beadwork, a stay in the lavish hotels in Rajkot is exactly what makes your adventure worth every penny spent. Have a look of the best hotels in town:

Regency Lagoon Resorts, Chouki Dhani Resort, Fortune Park JPS Grand, Nirali Resorts, Green Leaf Club, and Motel the Village Resort, The Imperial Palace, KK Beacon, Hotel the Sentosa.

Shopping & Night Life

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Tourist attractions may be scanty here, however, you will find an abundance of choices for purchasing in Rajkot. The little city in Gujarat is notorious for heavy traffic and tiny spaces.

If you like everything handicraft, then you'd have tons of items to purchase in Rajkot. Here's a comprehensive guide that will assist you research the best shopping areas in Rajkot.

Gujari Bazar, Gundawadi, Crystal Mall, Dr. Yagnik Road, Bangdi Bazaar, Ravivari Bazar, Dharmendra Road, and Dhebar Road.


Place Information
Name of the Place Rajkot
Country India
State Gujarat
Population 38 Lakhs
Official Language Gujarati
Website http://www.rmc.gov.in/rmcwebsite/default.aspx