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How can I add my business listing? Is it Free?

Ans: Adding your business listing is completely free, By clicking on the options of “Advertise” or “Add Listing” or by visiting https://www.eartia.com/partner/signup you can create your complete profile. However, if you wish to stay on top in your category listing, you can subscribe for premium listing.


Do I need to provide my mobile number and Email ID?

Ans: Eartia, uses OTP (One Time Password) to avoid misuse and fake profiles being created and managed by spammers. So, you need to provide your mobile number AND Email ID for verification.


Can I Edit my Profile?

Ans: You can always edit your profile anytime once you sign in. Make sure that you keep your profile information updated. Also, you can change your password whenever you want to.


How can I stay on Top of the Listings in my business Category?

Ans: If you wan to stay on top of the listings, you can avail our premium listing package. Learn more on this in your dashboard promotions section.


Do we need to submit ID Proofs for creating vendor or partner account?

Ans: No, Eartia will take OTP Verification and Email verification for creating a free account. If you wish to upgrade for any packages at Eartia then our team members will collect required ID Proof’s.


How can we add Services, Products, Solutions, Courses, Menu Items?

Ans: Eartia has given access to all vendors to add their services or Products or Courses or Solutions or Menu Items from their admin panel itself, no need to reach out Eartia customer care.


Who can create Events?

Ans: Every verified Vendor or Partner can post their events with all required details, then our Eartia admin staff will approve if the event as per the stand.


How many advertisements are there at Eartia portal?

Ans: Business owners can post their adds or advertisements on Home page section “Ads or Coupons” column, In Sub category page, Listing page banners and at final page Sponsor ads section.



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How can I register at Eartia website?

Ans: You can create your profile by visiting https://dev.eartia.com/register Eartia asks you to provide Name, Email ID, Mobile Number & password. OTP Verification is mandatory.


Do I need to provide any Identification documents?

Ans: Not required, A simple OTP verification is required while registration.


Can we provide Reviews or Feedback on Vendors or partners at Eartia?

Ans: Yes, you can provide your valuable feedback on service providers and also, we have few more trending things at Eartia like News, Blog section and places too. You can provide your valuable suggestions and feedback on.


Can I Book event at Eartia website?

Ans: Yes, you can book any event which you like, booking confirmation will be updated through SMS, EMAIL to you. Once booking confirmed will not refund. For other terms and conditions, you can view the detailed event page of the owner.


Can I book any service from Eartia?

Ans: No, for present we have given permissions to book the events only, For all other services you need to provide your details and required services, depending upon your interest concern verified vendors / partners / service providers will contact you.


What attracts customers at Eartia?


  1. Search option with Content search / Image Search / Video Search for fulfillment of your required service with verified Business owners,
  2. Events is a section where you can get complete information of events which are happening all over India with category and location filters,
  3. We have introduced a section called “Trending”—Where you can read latest news, Blog articles and also you can know the importance of the day,
  4. You will get the information of Each and every place, personalities, occasions etc information at Eartia.