Community Guidelines

The goal of our community is to help users in their personal and professional path. To build a strong community of mutually beneficial information, we want every member to participate in our portal and share their experiences and views on various businesses. At the same time, we keep our members’ privacy strictly confidential.

To meet the goals of our community, it’s essential for members to feel safe. We request our members to read and adhere to the community guidelines provided below.


  • Treat other community members on this site as you would treat them in real life.
  • Be tolerant to other’s point of view; you may disagree when the opinions do not match, but respectfully.
  • Respect the personal details and privacy of other members.
  • Do not share any member’s contact information publicly on this site.
  • Communicate with other members with respect and courtesy when needed.
  • Do not make personal comments or attacks on other community members.
  • Do not use defamatory remarks or false statements against other members.
  • Do not post prejudiced comments or profanity publicly on the site.
  • Do not bully or make inflammatory remarks to our community members.


We will take necessary steps if we find anyone violating our guidelines. This may lead to a warning or permanent ban of your account or restricting privileges to your account.

We request all users to report us, if they see anyone violating our guidelines to


By registering on our website and activating your profile, you’ll be considered as you have read and agree to our terms and conditions mentioned above.