Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

In the event of dissatisfaction in our solutions, customers have the freedom to ask for a refund and to cancel their subscriptions. Our Coverage for refund and your cancellation will be as follows:

Compensation Coverage

All strategies, campaigns on are handled by the client. He/She can cancel/stop his attempts. The money will revert to the global bank. It'll be observable to him in statements and his reports. Any campaign can be restarted by him.

Refund Policy

We'll try our very best to make the most design concepts that are acceptable. The money will remain in the lender for 60 days. Any effort can be restarted by the customer. A strategy can be started by him. If eventually, after 60 days, he isn't satisfied he might claim the refund of the remaining equilibrium by sending an email on

Rate Change

New prices are effective from 1st march every year and will reveal to all. The deductions from 1st march is going to be according to prices that are new. The speed could be higher or less than rates is dependent upon visitors of

Terms of Paid Ads supplies online software to handle paid ads. It's announced that an individual can't play or use any unethical suggestions with applications to find additional benefits and bonus, which are contrary to terms and requirements of All users have to adhere to not earn any kind of breach. If any user neglects to comply with guidelines and advertising requirements, we reserve the right to Eartia accounts any moment.

An individual may not have multiple accounts Eartia; companies can be added by him. Cash in 1 account cannot be transferred into a different account.

We have the right to block your accounts any time if you're found playing with any game. If account is disabled, then the User won't qualify for involvement from the Eartia advertising. And can eliminate balance left in the lender, which won't be available for use., may alter its terms and requirements for advertisements in any moment. You're asked to come frequently on for new upgrades.