It is located across the Nag River and is located almost at the geographical center of the nation. The landscape in and around Nagpur is made up of low flat-topped hills, horizontal tablelands, and profound, shadowy, fertile lands in the valleys of flows and rivers.

The city has been founded in the early 18th century by Bakht Buland, a Gond raja. It became the capital of the Bhonsles of the Maratha confederacy however in 1817 came under British sway.

The debut of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway in 1867 spurred its growth as a trade center. After Indian independence, Nagpur was the capital of Madhya Pradesh state, before 1956, when it had been included in the recently formed Bombay, then in 1960 it became a part of what's currently Maharashtra state.


Things to do:

Nagpur, famously known as Orange City is the third biggest city in the state of Maharashtra. It's also the nation's winter capital. Located at the geographic centre of the nation, the scenic city brings history fans and nature lovers alike. Nagpur is ranking amongst the best cities in India. Its scenic landscape because of parks and wildlife.

Sanctuaries here leave magic to the air. Listed below are the best 10 places to see in Nagpur.


1. The Seminary Hill:

Seminary Hill is the best place to start your tour of Nagpur. As soon as you get to the summit of this hillock, which is only 6 kilometers away from the city's north-west, you'll be awe-struck from the magnificent view of Nagpur.

The mountain is named after St. Charles's seminary. The Japanese garden in the foothills and the Satpura Botanical garden on the mountain attract huge number of tourists.


2. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is Located in Satpura Mountain range. It's broken up into older Nagzira and fresh Nagzira and both amuse you with abundant wildlife. Safari rides require you to both new and old Nagzira and its ideal to reserve your rides from Pithezari Gate.

A few of the animals found here include tiger, leopard, hyena, langur, sambar and wild boars. The refuge attracts bird watchers in addition to there around 160 species of birds including gray jungle fowl, crested serpent eagle, golden backed woodpecker and gray fish eagle.


3. Markanda:

History fans are amazed to watch Markanda. Situated on Wainganga River banks, city is thought to have obtained the title from Sage Markandeya. The sculptures and paintings located in Markanda are amazing.


4. Khindsi Lake:

If you'd love some adventures, drive directly to Khindsi Lake. The scenic lake provides excellent water sport activities. The sailing actions here are so lovely they have secured their place in the LIMCA Book of records since India's biggest sailing center. You might even go rock climbing and trekking at the mountain.


5. Sitabuldi Fort:

Sitabuldi Fort, which is determined by two hillocks, is witness to fiercely fought struggles and cruel killings. The fort constructed by a British officer in the time of warfare was assaulted by Appa Sahib's forces. The war finally finished when the British overpowered Appa Sahib's military. After the success, British transformed the structure into a powerful fort. It was here that Nawab Kadar Ali, the grandson of Tipu Sultan was hanged along with eight aides for combating the British.


6. Ramtek Temple

7. Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple

8. Maharajbagh Zoo

9. Japanese Rose Garde

10. Futala Lake


Education & Training:


Nagpur education system largely contributes towards the socio-economic growth of Nagpur. Like all the other developing cities of India, education system at Nagpur also forms an important part in the society of Nagpur.

Some of the major institutions that play an important role in education in Nagpur are as follows; Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Global Business School, Hislop College, KDK Engineering College, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Arts and Commerce College, Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College, Providence Junior College of Education, Rajat College of Engineering and Technology, etc.


Food and Drink


Nagpur, widely known as 'The City of Oranges,' is a lively city in Maharashtra, India. Though it’s frequently jumped as a tourist destination it is well worth visiting city, not least because of its own food landscape, that has increased tremendously the past couple of decades.

Here are the number of the best places to try out the local food in Nagpur; Nanking Mayfair, Fountain Sizzlers & Bistro, the Breakfast Story, Zuree, The Creative Kitchen, Barbeque, Thaa Baat, Naivedhyam, and Veeraswami.



The health centers in Nagpur is among those developed sectors of city. The facilities related to the health industry of Nagpur encompass an assortment of segments such as physicians, hospitals, wellness facilities, clinics and study laboratories.

There are number of great doctors in city, who offer dependable national-level remedy to the individuals of the city. Some of the best hospitals are Baheti Hospital, Deshmukh Hospital, Eye Infirmary and Laser Centre, Dr Waghralkar's Hospital, Ekvira Heart Institute, Bais Medical Foundation, and Dande Hospital.

Hotels & Accommodation


When an elegant boutique lodging is much more suited to your budget and taste, then there are options aplenty for this also. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, then those small but complex areas are really worth checking into. Some of the top hotels for you; Hotel Blue Moon, Hotel Pal Palace, Hotel Skylark, Hotel Woodlands, Hotel Lb, Hotel Orange City, Hotel Hardeo, Hotel Sunny International, The Pride Hotel, and Airport Centre Point.

Shopping & Night Life


Nagpur is often ignored cities in India. Nonetheless, it deserves to become a part of this conversation. The city has a flourishing market and, together with it, many excellent shopping areas have cropped up.

We select out the very best shopping areas in Nagpur. Sitabuldi Main Road, Dharampeth Shopping Street, Cotton Market, Sarafa Bazaar, Telipura Electronics Market, Sadar Bazar, Central Mall, Empress City Mall, Eternity Mall, and Millenium Shopping Mall.