Place Information
Name of the Place State
Country India
State Mizoram
Population 11.2 Lakhs
Official Language Duhlian
Website https://mizoram.gov.in/

Mizoram, northeastern state of India. It's located in the northeastern part of the country and is bounded by Myanmar (Burma) to the south and west east and Bangladesh to the west and west from the states of Tripura to the shore, Assam into the northwest, and Manipur to the northeast. The funds is Aizawl, at the north-central region of the state.

Mizoram ("Property of the Mizos") was known as the Lushai Hills District of Assam until it had been renamed the Mizo Hills District in 1954. In 1972 it became a centrally administered union land below the title of Mizoram, and in 1987 it attained statehood. Area 8,139 square miles (21,081 square km). Populating around 11 lakhs. The ridges, divided by narrow river valleys, climb to approximately 7,000 feet (2,100 metres).

On the other hand, the state is traversed by two federal highways, and major streets function the majority of the bigger cities. Normal bus routes run upon the state, and a few also offer interstate service. A little airport offers flights from Aizawl to neighboring countries. There are no railways in Mizoram.

Districts: Aizawl, Kolasib, Lawngtlai, Lunglei, Mamit, Saiha, Serchhip, and Champhai

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Things to do:

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Mizoram-- the lesser famous North-Eastern nation of India is occupied by different tribes who practise a broad assortment of spiritual habits and cultural splendour. Blessed with a wide selection of geographic features, this little nation brings excellent chances of travelling through the tiny hillocks with winding paths where one can find the adventurous sense of mountain bikingtrails. The landscape of Phawngpui Hills, Vantawang Falls or even Palak Lake looks unbelievably picturesque whereas the legacy sites at Chhingpui discuss the forgotten beyond their Mizo life.

Some of the best things to do:

Phawngpui Hills

Phulpui Grave

Memorial of Chhingpui

Vantawang Falls


Palak Lake

Go Trekking in the Virgin Forests

Caving in Khuangchera Puk

Attend the Chapchar Kut Spring Festival

Visit Luangmual Handicrafts Centre

Try the Mizo Bland Food


Education & Training:

The department of Instruction in Mizoram is quite coordinated and falls under the Education Directorate of Mizoram and Also a council Ministry at the Ministry of Education of the Nation. Ahead of the calendar year 1987, a band known as the missionaries of this nation took it upon themselves to develop new schools at Mizoram and take care of the principal instruction in the nation. Nevertheless, it was after 1987, once the reins of schooling arrived at the hands of the cupboard ministry of Mizoram, the schooling sector improved by leaps and bounds, carrying the literacy amount to 91.58% in accordance with the census reports of this calendar year 2011.

Mizoram University, Pachhunga University, Government Champhai College.

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Food and Drink

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India is a nation full of diversity. Aside from observing countless festivals, we could even boast of a myriad of unique cuisines, across the countries! The meals of Mizoram could be regarded as a mix of North Indian and Oriental components. This mix gives it an exceptional flavor and will make you recall your meal after you have eaten it. But they also have their fair share of veggies together with their meals.

Normally, the food is served on banana leaves. This is done in order to keep their ancient customs and traditions. A great deal of bamboo is employed within their preparations and they're also prone to swallowing a fantastic amount of fish. However, in the event that you'd like to know the specific names of these dishes you need to try when you see Mizoram, read on!

Bai - The main ingredients include pork, bamboo shoots and steamed vegetables, Koat Pitha It is made using rice flour and bananas, Vawksa Rep this dish is pork, Bamboo Shoot Fry Bamboo is first fried and tossed up with herbs, Panch Phoran Tarka It can be made in vegetarian or non-vegetarian fashion, Chhum Han This is a vegetarian dish, Misa Mach Poora It is grilled shrimp cooked in mustard oil, lemon juice, orange zest and assorted spices.


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The gorgeous state of Mizoram is outfitted with many health centers and healthcare services for those. These healthcare centers are outfitted with all the modern health engineering tools and equipment to offer innovative medical emergency therapy. Being a growing state, the government of Mizoram is attempting to provide as much facilities as you can to the occupants of Mizoram.

There are lots of hospitals, health facilities, clinics and health centers throughout the state of Mizoram. These healthcare centers offer treatment both to both regional patients and other individuals from neighboring regions too.

Mizoram has a good number of private hospitals as well in Aizawl and other cities as well. These hospitals provide quality healthcare to all the people of Mizoram. Private Hospitals in Mizoram: Presbyterian Hospital Aizawl, Seventh Day Adventist Hospital Aizawl, Christian Hospital Lunglei, Greenwood Hospital Aizawl, Nazareth Medi-Tech Diagnostic & Care Centre Ramhlun ‘N', New Life Hospital Chanmari, Vaivenga Hospital & Research foundation Aizawl, D.M. Hospital Champhai, Kulikawan Hospital Champhai, Mizoram State Cancer Institute Zemabawk.

Hotels & Accommodation

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Mizoram is slowly emerging as a leading tourism destination and with this demand for adequate lodging in Mizoram is rising. There are several leading of the line resorts, lodges, hotels, vacation homes and other kinds of lodging in Mizoram. More lodging facilities in Mizoram are in the manufacturing to fit the requirements of the rising number of visitors and tourists. The overall Mizoram lodging could be classified into a few classes and some of the best staying options are: Tourist Lodge Chaltlang, Tourist Home Lengpui, Kolasib Tourist Lodge, Bairabi Tourist Lodge, Champhai Tourist Lodge, Tourist Lodge Zotlang, Wayside Facilities Kutkawk, Hnahthial Tourist Lodge Khawbung, Tourist Lodge Sangau, Tourist Lodge Darzo, Cafeteria Tamdil, Berawtlang Tourist Recreation Centre Aizawl, Tourist Lodge Thenzawl, Tourist Resort Lengpui, Traveller's Inn, Vairengte

Shopping & Night Life

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The state can, at best, provide you glowing woolens, wicker baskets and miniature bamboo souvenirs. The Bara Bazaar is the most important shopping area and here you would find stalls selling hand-woven traditional garbs, the normal Mizo hat made from leaves and bamboo along with finely-woven shawls. Also available here are traditional handloom shawls, colourful bags and bamboo handicrafts. Check out the State Government Emporium and Hnam Chhantu for them. Other intriguing shopping facilities are the New Market, Ritz Market, Bazar Bungkawn, Thakthing Bazar and Solomon's Cave.


Place Information
Name of the Place Mizoram
Country India
State Mizoram
Population 11.2 Lakhs
Official Language Duhlian
Website https://mizoram.gov.in/