Place Information
Name of the Place Jamshedpur
Country India
State Jharkhand
Population 13.4 Lakhs
Official Language Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Bhojpuri
Website https://jamshedpur.nic.in/

Jamshedpur is the greatest city in the state of Jharkhand. It was called Jamshedpur after the death of industrialist Jamshetji Tata and is currently home to such industrial giants like Tata Steel and Tata Motors. Jamshedpur is completely preserved by Tata Steel.

Primarily an industrial city with a high number of all Tata offices, it has amazing tourist places that draw hordes of people every year.

There are also historical religious structures to test out. A laidback town having a gentle vibe, Jamshedpur is a sanctuary for those looking for some peace and comfort. There's excellent connectivity by bus from the towns of Ranchi, Patna and Kolkata.

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Things to do:

Being the very first planned industrial town of India, Jamshedpur is the most bizarre illustration of industrialization in India.

But Jamshedpur isn't only about the steel businesses. This town is famed for additional marvelous attractions also. Some are famous for their alluring environment, enticing architecture, a celestial ambiance, plus even more. Thus, Jamshedpur has emanated as a renowned tourist attraction through time. Let us take a look at the 10 most astounding places to see in Jamshedpur.

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  1. Jubilee Park

It is called the "Mughal Gardens of Jamshedpur", Jubilee Park is a famous tourist attraction in Jamshedpur. This beauteous park has been created on the 50th anniversary for a present in the TATA Steel Organization to Tata Nagar. It unrolls over 225 acres of property and houses a miniature zoo, recreation center, lake, etc.

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  1. Tata Steel Zoological Park

Resting in the neighborhood of this Jubilee Park, Tata Steel Zoological Park is a magic attraction that's frequented extensively. This zoological park homes a distinguished forest such as the feline predators, amphibians, reptiles, etc., it fascinates the visitors, particularly the kids. Another part of this park would be that the temporary residence of those migratory birds such as the stork and crane.

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  1. Dimna Lake

Situated at the foothills of this muddy dalma mountain ranges, Dimna Lake is a famous name among the listing of Jamshedpur Tourism. Its magical environment lure visitors in different directions of town. This hot lake was constructed from the TATA Company for a water reservoir to serve the requirements of this business in addition to the town. Today, it's a significant attraction and individuals visit here to enjoy swimming and boating.

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  1. Bhuvaneshwari Temple

Bhvaneshwari Temple is an enchanting hindu shrine in Jamshedpur. This architectural grandeur is erected from the south Indian style design and is devoted to the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. Navratri is a significant festival that's celebrated here with fantastic excitement and the entire temple is festooned exquisitely.

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  1. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

Entrenched in an elevation of 3000 ft, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is your apt place for finding the endemic and the endangered mammalian species at Jamshedpur. This refuge was created in the year 1975 and homes that the animals such as the barking deer, leopard, giant squirrel etc. The venture of hiking may also be relished at this gorgeous refuge.

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  1. Hudco Lake
  2. Keenan Stadium
  3. JRD TATA Sports Complex
  4. Jubilee Lake


  1. St. Mary's Church, Jamshedpur


Education & Training:

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Jamshedpur is the largest and the most populous urban agglomeration in the state of Jharkhand. Jamshedpur is the first planned industrial town in India. Jamshedpur includes a higher literacy rate in India. Below are some of the top colleges in the city, MGM Medical College & Hospital, M G M Medical College, Xavier Labour Relations Institute XLRI, Indian Institute for Aeronautical Engineering & Information Technology, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Netaji Subhas Institute of Business Management (NSIBM), Institute of Professional & Paramedical Education(IPPE), Dr Zakir Hussain Institute, Dr Zakir Husain Institute (ZHI), and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College.

Food and Drink

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This was kalamati or 'black soil' place. Madrasis, Punjabis, Parsis, Gujaratis, Adivasis, people from the eastern states and distant Burma and China — they all poured into the cultural cauldron of the new township, imbuing it with distinct flavors from their native lands. Forged into a common identity, the town that came to be called Jamshedpur (or 'Jampot'!) developed its own unique palate and quirky lingo catch such yummy food. Listing here some of the best restaurants in the city, Moti Mahal, Anand restaurant, Blue Diamond, Equinox restaurant, Cinnamon, Zodiac, Zirca, Little Italy, and Gouri Shankar Cabin


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Every one of those health care units adhere to updated and latest medical criteria in their various fields. The healthcare facilities make sure that they serve a vast selection of solutions to patients with medical needs that are distinguished.

Here are the must know hospitals in the city;

Elite Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Siddhesh Swasthya Seva Shalya Pvt Ltd, Tata Main Hospital, Tinplate Hospital, Ganga Memorial hospital, Gurunanak Hospital and Research Centre Pvt Ltd, Medica Hospital Pvt Ltd, Telco Hospital, Apex Hospital (Sakchi), Rajasthan Seva Sadan, Steel Town Clinic And Research Centre, and Vardaan Maternity & Nursing Homes.

Hotels & Accommodation

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Jamshedpur is understood throughout the state due to its rich culture and tradition with "Unity in diversity" maintaining true. The town's heritage is famous for its tradition, hospitality, liveliness, and generosity. Listing some of the top hotels in the city;

Nalanda Hotel, Holidei Inn, Hotel Joy, Hotel Castle, The Onyx, OYO Flagship 45840 New Kalimati Roa, Hotel Ganga Regency, Siddhartha hotel, and Boulevard Hotel.

Shopping & Night Life

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Biponi Handicrafts sells cultural Jharkhand memorabilia from masks to bamboo handicrafts. Pyatkar paintings created on scrolls of bark. Khadi Bhandar sells handloom linen and Jharkhand Rajya Khadi Gram Udyog's Johar includes tussar silk shirts, khadi kurtas, and salwar-kameez suits. Chhaganlal Dayaljee Sons (Tata-Hata Main Road), based in 1918, would be the earliest jewelers in the town, famous for their thick, gold bracelets featuring peacocks, elephants, and birds. The seasonal Tibetan Market, that will be famous for its cheap woolen clothing, congregates each winter in the Circus Ground at Golmuri between November and January. Few famous markets in the town are as follows: The Bistupur Market, Main Markek, Kamani Center, Sakchi Market.


Place Information
Name of the Place Jamshedpur
Country India
State Jharkhand
Population 13.4 Lakhs
Official Language Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Bhojpuri
Website https://jamshedpur.nic.in/