Place Information
Name of the Place Faridabad
Country India
State Haryana
Population 14 Lakhs
Official Language Hindi, Haryanvi, Punjabi
Website http://mcfaridabad.org/

Faridabad was established in 1607 A.D and a significant industrial hub of Haryana by Sheikh Farid, treasurer of Jahangir, together to protect the street, which passed through town. Shaikh Farid constructed a fort, a tank, and a mosque, which are currently in ruins. Afterward, it became the headquarters of a pargana, which was held in jagir from the Ballabgarh ruler.

Faridabad is famed for henna production from the agricultural industry, while tractors, bikes, refrigerators, shoes, tires and clothing are its chief industrial goods.

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/04/Delhi_Faridabad_Skyway.png/220px-Delhi_Faridabad_Skyway.png

Things to do:

Faridabad city is located in the south-west portion of Haryana. It's 30km remote from Delhi. Now it's the industrial nucleus of this nation. Apart from being an industrial city, Faridabad is also an excellent tourist place. The climate of this city is generally dry and hot, except during the monsoon. It has got numerous sightseeing places to visit. This page has a few significant areas to visit in Faridabad.

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  1. The Badkhal Lake

The manmade lake at the Badkhal village is a point of appeal because of the great scenic beauty. Badkhal lake embraces the arms of Aravalli Hills. The title 'Badkhal' comes from the term 'bedakhal', and it is a Persian term to mean 'free of interference'. Throughout the spring period, a fantastic flower exhibition held here.

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/59/Dried_Badkhal_lake.jpg

  1. Farid Khan's Tomb

The saint's tomb is thought to be a sacred location. It's a neighborhood pilgrimage place.

Farid Khan's tomb includes two huge marble doorways; the doorway facing the west is known as the 'Noori Darwaza' meaning that the 'Door of Light'; the north doorway is known as the 'Bahishti Darwaza' meaning that the 'Door of Paradise'. There are two graves indoors, among Baba Farid and yet another of the elder son. Girls aren't permitted to go near to the tomb.

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cb/Darbar_Hazrat_Baba_Farid_ud_Deen_Ganj_Shakar_Rahmatullah_Alaih_-_panoramio_%288%29.jpg

  1. Shirdi Sai Temple

The Shirdi Sai Baba temple Around the Badkhal-Surajkund Road at Sector 16A of Faridabad is a place of attraction for the tourists. It's thought that the God is kind and bountiful and you can find peace of existence with his blessings. The grand temple consists of lovely marble and covers an area of 3 acres. Inside there's the grand edifice of Shri Sai Baba and the idols of Dhuni and Dwaraka Mai.

Source: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/12/61/a0/5e/jai-sai-ram.jpg

  1. Surajkund Lake

The title of this lake reflects the climbing sun. Siddhakund is a freshwater pool inside the locale of Surajkund Lake. It's thought that the water of Siddhakund has healing abilities.

In February, a handicrafts fair is coordinated at the place and artisans from throughout the nation come to take part in the fair. The fair includes different kinds of cultural plans to symbolize the basis of folk culture. Rural dishes are offered in the fair.

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  1. Raja Nahar Singh Palace

Raja Nahar Singh Palace was created across the 19th Century from the Royal Family of Jat Nahar Singh. Another title of the renowned palace is that the Ballabhgarh Fort Palace. About 150km from south Delhi with tremendous pavilions, enormous arches, beautifully adorned rooms and magnificent courtyards.

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  1. ISKCON Faridabad, Sri Sri Radha Govind Temple
  2. Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium
  3. Arvalli golf course
  4. Dhauj Lake

Education & Training:

Faridabad education has a council which is a multi-layered collective effect initiative designed to enhance the standard of college education in Faridabad. The objective of the council would be to match the efforts of this Government and contribute towards advanced development projects in the field through personal donations (CSRs and Philanthropy) to enhance the standard of schooling. Some of the top colleges in the city are; Sudha Rustagi SR College of Dental Sciences and Research, Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering and Technology, The DAV Institute of Management, National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics NACEN, Jiva Ayurveda, National Power Training Institute (NPTI), Faridabad Institute of Technology, and Echelon Institute of Technology.

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Food and Drink

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To direct you to your kind of grub, we've put together a basket of the greatest restaurants in Faridabad. Get a flavor of cuisine in Faridabad at most of the restaurants and at our top 10 restaurants set up.

Pizza Followers, Daily Dose Restaurant, Barbeque 29, Chapter Twelve, Tama Brewery & World Kitchen, Dears on Beers, Berco's, Cafetieres, Catalyst Gastrobar, and Barbeque Nation



Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c7/Academic_Block%2C_ESIC_Medical_College_and_Hospital%2C_Faridabad.jpg/800px-Academic_Block%2C_ESIC_Medical_College_and_Hospital%2C_Faridabad.jpg

The city shares its important part with the National Capital and Union Territory of Delhi to its north, Gurgaon district to the west and Uttar Pradesh to the south and west. It's also famed for the own hospitals and medical therapy, so sports individuals and overall men and women come in Delhi (NCR) also. Below is the list of address of best hospitals in Faridabad:

Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Fortis Escorts Hospital & Research Centre, Qrg Central Hospital & Research Centre, Shivalik Hospital, Surya Orthopedic & Trauma Centre, Noble Hospital, Kalra Child Care Centre, Ghai Hospital, Valencia Emergency & Critic Care Hospital, Goyal Hospital, Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, MediCheck Hospital & Trauma Centre, and Ashwani Hospital.

Hotels & Accommodation

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The hotels offer the tourist a window to the rich culture, tradition, and hospitality of Indians. The grandeur and the opulence coupled with the best in comfort and conveniences make even a brief stay enjoyable.

Listed below are the top hotels in Faridabad;

Hotel Delite, Hotel Rajmandir, Mahalakshmi Palace Hotel, Atrium Hotel And Conferencing, Hotel Rajhans The Lalit Mangar, Radisson Blu, Golden Galaxy hotels & resorts, HOtel Delite grand, and Sarovar Portico.

Shopping & Night Life

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In case you've got discerning eyes, buying in Haryana may prove to be a delightful experience. The craftsmen of Haryana create many different beautiful handicrafts.

The most crucial spot for purchasing in Haryana is Surajkund Crafts Mela, which can be held from the State Government each year from February to promote the craftsmen of their nation. Adding to it below are some of the famous markets in the town;


Crown Interiors Mall, Crown Plaza Mall, Kapoor Jewellers, Deal Bazaar, Food Tour in Delhi, Select Townwalk, Sheikh Leather Shop, Buzzaria Dukaan, and DLF Mall of India.


Place Information
Name of the Place Faridabad
Country India
State Haryana
Population 14 Lakhs
Official Language Hindi, Haryanvi, Punjabi
Website http://mcfaridabad.org/