Daman and Diu

Place Information
Name of the Place State
Country India
State Daman and Diu
Population 2.5 Lakhs
Official Language Gujarati
Website https://www.daman.nic.in/

Daman and Diu, union territory of India, consisting of two widely separated districts around the nation's western coast. Daman is an enclave in the state of Gujarat's southern shore, located 100 kilometers 160 km north of Mumbai Bombay. Diu encircles an island off the southern coast of Gujarat's Kathiawar Peninsula, 40 kilometers 64 km north of Veraval, in addition to a little place on the mainland. The city of Daman, at the Daman district, is the capital of this land. Pop. as on 2011, 242,911.

The title Daman is likely derived from the Daman Ganga River, whilst Diu is in the Sanskrit term dvipa, meaning "island" by Mauryan occasions 4th--2nd century BCE, both were subject to different regional and local forces judgment in western India. From the 13th century Daman formed a part of this Ramnagar state, which afterward became a tributary of the Gujarat sultans. Likewise, a lot of dynasties at Kathiawar Saurashtra dominated Diu before it dropped to the sultan of Gujarat from the early 15th century. The districts are Daman and Diu.

 They remained under Portuguese rule for over four decades, although the decrease of the Portuguese empire in Asia significantly diminished their tactical significance. Daman and Diu lived as outposts of Portuguese foreign territory until 1961, when they became a part of India.

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Things to do:

Adorning the western shore of India, the mesmerizing town of Daman is an ideal mix of history, experience, calmness, and culture. With of perfect palm-lined beaches, historic buildings, spiritual sites, adventure activities, along with also an amalgamated European, and Indian tradition, the union territory of Daman and Diu has emerged as a favorite tourist destination in India where you can discover some of the greatest places to go to, and many exciting things to do.

So, if you're arranging a honeymoon, a family excursion, or an all friend’s excursion, below are a few of the top things to do in Daman that will cause you to fall in love with this enchanting town.

1. Bask in the tropical weather at popular beaches

2. Take a tour of the Architectural Marvels of the city

3. Go on a shopping spree

4. Dine out at popular restaurants

5. Embark on a spiritual tour of the city

6. Enjoy rejuvenating activities at Mirasol Water Park

7. Take a Horse or camel ride at Jampore Beach

8. Taste the thrill of adventure sports

9. Visit the Diu Museum

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Education & Training:

The section of Daman and Diu schooling requires a whole lot of focus from the authorities of the union territory. Compared to the rest regions of the states of India, Daman and Diu nevertheless has quite a ways to go before it can provide all the needed educational conveniences to the childhood of the area.The business of college instruction wants a whole lot of advancement as it lacks adequate variety of well-educated teachers. The government was taking up quite a few educational projects to enhance the educational infrastructure of their union territory. There are a number of colleges in Daman and Diu. These colleges offer the basic instruction to the kids who reside in the land. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya is among the most significant schools of the area. This school offers quality instruction to the young pupils.

Shri Nathji Adhyapan Mandir Daman, Government College Daman, Shree Nathjee D EdDaman, Vaidik Dental College and Research CentreNani Daman.

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Food and Drink

Bound from the state of Gujarat, Daman introduces plenty of dishes in the vegetarian cuisine. Non vegetarian meals are also prepared in a number of the restaurants.

Daman includes a cosmopolitan civilization with people from various cultures settling from the area. Cuisines from all around the world are ready from the restaurants of Daman. Authentic Parsee dishes will also be prepared from the restaurants of Daman.

The area of Daman is famous for its Garden Restaurants which are brightly colored and function a myriad of mouthwatering dishes.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands - Rice And Fish Curry, Chandigarh - Butter Chicken, Stuffed Paratha & Lassi, Dadra & Nagar Haveli - Paunk, Kadi, Tadi , Daman & Diu - Cozido , Lakshadweep - Sea Fish Cooked In Coconut Sauce , Pondicherry - Fish Assad

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The Core Objective of this Union Territory Health Mission is to enhance the standard of the the health services in those Territories for example each and every individual living in those Territories will find a suitable and equivalent quality of therapy to some set standard (Indian Public Health Standard) respectively.

Recognizing the value of Health from the practice of economic and social growth and enhancing the quality of life of our citizens, the Government of India has resolved to establish the National Rural Health Mission to execute crucial architectural correction at the fundamental medical care delivery program. Some of the famous hospitals in Daman and Diu:

Atmaram Jog Memorial Hospital Daman, Hansa Clinic & Hospital Daman, Shrimati Ramaben General Hospital Silvassa, Sanskar Gynaec Hospital, Government Hospital, Daman Fort Area, Community Health Center Moti Daman and Diu

Source: https://daman.nic.in/gallery/RajnathSinghVisit/9.jpg

Hotels & Accommodation

Hotels in Daman and Diu include the newest conveniences and are available in a variety of categories. You are able to find a hotel in your budget. There are a number of sorts of hotels, cottages, house remains which are offered here. Since it's a coming tourist destination in India, many hotels and hotels are coming up to provide the very best facilities to the tourists.

Hotel Sea Rock Villa, Sandy Resort, The Gold Beach Resort, Mirasol Resort, Hotel Sovereign, Sukh Sagar Hotel, Cidade de Daman, Hotel Princess Park, Le Pension Daman, Dariya Darshan Hotel, Hotel Marina, Hotel Diamond.

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Shopping & Night Life

The Portuguese ruled over Daman before 1961, which shut the previous Chapter of European domination in India. Daman subsequently became part of this Union Territory of Daman & Diu.

With pristine beaches coated in gold sand, legacy temples, lush green palms, waterfalls, and welcoming churches, Daman is frequently known as the Goa of Gujarat. Daman has something for everybody. You cannot wrap your excursion with no repainting your shopping bags filled with mementoes and memorabilia. While maybe not a patent location to store, Daman has a great deal to offer to individuals of all ages and options when it comes to purchasing.

Here's the best of what you can buy in Daman:

Seashell Jewelry, Oyster Artefacts, Bamboo Items, Electronics, Leather Slippers, Liquor.

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Daman and Diu

Place Information
Name of the Place Daman and Diu
Country India
State Daman and Diu
Population 2.5 Lakhs
Official Language Gujarati
Website https://www.daman.nic.in/